Gakko 2019 Call for Camp Creators

June 15 – July 16, 2019

So you wanna be a sempai?

Sempai 先輩

1. People who were born before you.

2. The college students & young professionals who create and facilitate each camp.

Every summer, Gakko assembles teams of sempai to design unique summer camps for high school students around the world. This diverse team of eight driven and empathetic leaders share their personal investigations – artistic and academic pursuits – through the design of educational workshops, projects, performances, camp rituals, games, and a compelling two/three-week camp narrative. After six years, eleven camps, and 450 participants, we are looking for 10 new camp creators to lead 2019 programs in Japan.

2019 Sempai applications will close on March 15th at 5pm EST. Offers will be sent by April 1st 2019. 

Gakko is dedicated to artful design, collaborative production, and immersive world-building. Our camps educate, inspire wonder, cultivate authenticity, and reverberate generosity around the world.

Meet the Sempai: Artist Sam Schanwald

Sempai profile- Meet Artist Sam Schanwald

Being a sempai is a unique opportunity to grow in your interests alongside exceptional collaborators in an interdisciplinary environment while responding to the needs of a diverse group of high school students. Sempai are curious about camp as a medium for education and authentic personal development of kohai. They have faith in their own imaginations and experience working collaboratively in high-stakes environments. They are eager to engage whole-heartedly as collaborators building an "undiscovered country" – a unique and beautiful camp that would never have existed without our brief meeting. For details of our program, please visit

Gakko Sempai Application


Dates for Participation

Sempai Training: June 16 - June 25
Japan Camp: June 30 - July 13
Camp Post-Mortem: July 14 - July 16

Sempai Application